E training ++ Modern BSF Cultivation without Odor Training

BSF Modern odorless cultivation is the only training for e training ++. which guarantees you to succeed. All e training ++ training tutorials maggot cultivation You can download it through the Yurie BSF application in the PlayStore. BSF cultivation training with Yurie BSF You can choose the closest practice location in your city. Because of training Maggot cattle ++ You also have the right to practice at Yurie BSF farms spread over more cities in 99 throughout Indonesia. BSF livestock training that is odorless and has been tested successfully.

Download the Yurie BSF Application


The Odorless Maggot Training Process

  • Starting from you register
  • Then you will be given access to the Yurie BSF application in the PlayStore
  • You will also be invited to enter the secret group FB modern culture without smell
  • Delivery of goods for practice is sent 2x24 hours after registration
  • Delivery of seeds, larvae eggs are adjusted according to readiness
  • You have the right to practice a field at one of the Yurie BSF farms
  • Guidance after field practice is carried out until you succeed


Before joining, you must be registered by sending proof of payment for training fees through BRI bank transfer.

And you will be asked for a copy of the ID card as administrative records.


Yurie BSF Application Access

After sending proof of transfer, you will get a special password to open the Yurie BSF application in the playstore.

In the Yurie BSF application the playstore has been prepared:

  • Three guidebooks for theory and practice
  • Tutorial for odorless maggot cultivation
  • Formula makes maggot pasta
  • Maggot flour
  • Maggot pellets
  • Application of organic liquid fertilizer (POC) maggot to various leaf and fruit plants
  • The correct application of solid maggot fertilizer

After getting the password key, you just have to open, download and watch the practice video wherever you are as long as there is an internet connection.

The Yurie BSF application is very large because there are lots of videos and documents in it, but with advanced technology, the end result of the application becomes very light at 16MB.

We have prepared this advanced facility so that the Yurie BSF application can be downloaded even by the old cellphone type.

Join the Secret Group

Your next step will be specifically invited to enter into the fb group of secrets of modern BSF cultivation without smell.

In FB the secret group of modern BSF cultivation without smell is divided into three levels, namely

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advance

In this group you will meet all Yurie BSF friends throughout Indonesia. They shared their experiences and formed communities in their respective cities.

Please discuss with polite adab. We will act firmly on "bully" jokes that are not in place and things that have nothing to do with efforts towards successful cultivation maggot BSF odorless.

This level division aims to make all Yurie BSF friends more focused on the daily practice of cultivating maggot.

At each level you will be guided by one or two mentors who have succeeded. So what is conveyed is the result of practice is not a trial and error theory.


Delivery of goods

In each package that is purchased, you will also be given supplies for your own practice at home including seeds, eggs, larva and other supporting equipment.

This package is divided into two categories, inanimate objects and living things. Inanimate categories will be sent 2 x 24 hours after we receive the proof of transfer,

Categories of living things such as seeds, eggs, larvae etc. will be sent according to your readiness. This is intended so that the sent live objects are received after the readiness is complete.

Proof of delivery of goods from the courier service we choose in the form of receipts you will get to check the whereabouts of the shipment.


Practice field

After being able to download the application and learn by yourself also join the group, you should learn to practice directly at one of the Yurie BSF farms that are spread over more than 99 cities throughout Indonesia.

You will be bombed by a mentor who is already trained and gets a certificate of modern BSF cultivation without smell. So you will learn the same thing.

This is certainly an advantage for you to practice directly in a nearby city. Because the distance is close, you do not need to pay large fees for transport, flight tickets, lodging accommodation costs and time are also flexible.

      Guarantee to Success

      After the above process, you will still get guidance until it works.

      Marketing Guarantee

      Your maggot will be bought by Yurie BSf for Rp7.000 / kg. so no need to worry about looking for marketing again.

      But if you don't want to sell to Yurie it doesn't matter either. You are free to decide where you want to be sell maggot- the bug.


      Business development

      Sooner or later the odorless maggot cultivation work produces a lot of maggot. If you diligently sell maggot to Yurie BSF.

      We have provided a friend's assistance fund of Rp100.000.000, - to develop the production of maggot.

      Other Advantages:


      Can consult directly with professional mentors


      Learning combined e training and offline (field practice) can be whenever and wherever you are at will. You can even download subject matter.

      Proven Successful

      The odgot maggot cultivation method has been tested successfully and enjoyed by thousands of Yurie BSF friends

      Latest material

      Cultivation material is always updated as needed


      Appreciation from trainee participants to us in the form of video testimonials and real testimonials that you can see LIVE on the YouTube channel Yurie BSF.



      What is the price of the training package?

      E training ++ training does not pay or free, all you pay for is the package. The price of the package ranges from Rp100.000-Rp4.000.000 depending on the package you choose.

      Is it suitable for beginners?

      Very suitable. Because the guide material for books and tutorial videos is made gradually from zero to succeed. You just have to choose the e training ++ training package as needed.

      Can all payments be made once?

      Not. The package of goods purchased is in accordance with the focus of the material you are buying.

      Can the tutorial be downloaded?

      Yes, you can download the document module.


      Join now with other 2000 ++!

      Contact us tel / WA 0812-2105-2808

      Thank you

      Greetings SAVE and CLEAN MY INDONESIAN

      Yurie BSF


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