Buy and Sell Maggot BSF & How to Marketing it

BSF Maggot Sale and Maggot Marketing Method - BSF maggot selling business or Buy BSF maggot which is a larva or maggot for some Indonesian people is still an unusual thing. While abroad there, this business has been carried out for decades. What needs to be observed when buying BSF maggot seeds is the quality of the breeders, they must check and check before buying the BSF maggot.

For those who do not know and know the methods of modern Maggot BSF cultivation without smell, in their minds they still seem dirty, dirty and smelly. not to mention the arrival of hundreds of green flies that carry a source of disease.

Therefore you need to learn the right cultivation of maggot, so that only black flies or BSF are on your farm. The result is clean, not smelly and with super cheap costs.


Black Soldier Flies

Famous has a myriad of benefits such as fish feed, poultry, reptiles, for the world of medicine, police and so on.

Maggot business if you are serious about running it has the potential to get huge profits, for niche markets as livestock feed, the numbers are fantastic, just look at the dozens of national scale animal feed companies established in Indonesia.

Many feed companies are a sign that the animal feed business is very profitable. If you are interested in starting this business, you should first know the analysis of the business.

Analysis of Maggot Business

In the analysis, of course, includes the price of seeds, marketing, types of feed, culture media. The most important thing in this business is that they should not smell and so that they get profit, the media must be from organic waste, livestock manure or waste.

For detailed calculation of the analysis of maggot cultivation from the initial scale to large-scale maggot cultivation can be studied here> Analysis of Maggot Cultivation Business

Why should maggot cultivation be odorless? Because if the smell will invite green flies, and become a trigger to be demonstrated by the family and the surrounding community.

The procedure for cultivating odorless maggots makes you SAFE and COMFORTABLE, Safe because you will not be demonstrated by family and comfort because your business can continue forever.

Prospects for Maggot Cultivation Business

There are many advantages in magot cultivation, one of which is that management is very easy and only takes one to two hours per day.

So for the beginning of this business you can do it as a side business first or for small scale maggot cultivation. Development can be done afterwards. To calculate the costs that need to be prepared can open at maggot business analysis.

The capital needed to produce maggot is relatively small, because the material for this cultivation can use the remaining ingredients available at home. For daily operations or the cost of culture media is also very cheap even almost free.

Why is it cheap and almost free? because the ingredients mainly use organic waste, livestock manure and waste that are widely available in our environment.

Maggot Nutrition

The nutrients contained in maggot are very complete and the protein content is also very high, so that it can be used as alternative animal feed and natural animal feed for all types of fish and poultry.

BSF Maggot Price

Depends on the quality to be purchased and for what purpose? If for catfish or other fish animal feed including poultry between Rp5.000 - Rp9.000 / kg.

As for the seeds between Rp10.000 - Rp500.000 / kg, depending on the quality. the difference is the pattern of care. How to find out the good quality seeds can come and see how to treat them directly.

Or by asking the seller about how to care for the seeds. If the pattern of care is only given garbage, the quality is not the same. Quality like this is good for fish and poultry feed. Not to be used as seeds.

Choose breeders who are experienced and many get LIVE recommendations, not just text or written testimonials. Smartly choose superior seeds early in the success of maggot cultivation.

Prices are usually directly proportional to quality, the more expensive the better the quality. But also check the farmer first!


How to BSF Magical Marketing

It is important for those of you who want to start this business, to learn first how to market the larva's harvest later. So that when you start really really maximal.

The BSF maggot cultivation can be marketed in the following ways: * Directly visit Fish Farmers, Poultry, Reptiles and Hobbies. One effective way for you is to go directly and offer to farmers in the nearest environment. Take a mutually beneficial approach and collaboration.

For example: Invite the cooperation of farmers who already have land and experience maintaining fish, while our maggot feed provides. It is recommended that this cooperation agreement be made a written agreement.

Then what if there are no catfish farmers or chicken farmers around you? If the closest is not available, you can market it using social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube or make a free website.

BSG Maggot Marketing


Promote Your Maggot Business.

Post continuously on various social media, don't forget to resonate with groups that have links with fish and poultry. For Facebook you should use a personal account, create an account page or page.

Promotion on Twitter Accounts

We can easily use social media Twitter to promote our business. But better, especially for promotions through Twitter, prepare the free website first. If there are new posts shared from the website that we have created.

Promotions on Instagram Accounts

In med SOS this one is famous for its high closing rate compared to Facebook account, Maybe because on Facebook people use it more as a tool for social interaction, whereas on Instagram it is more business oriented.

Website Promotion

This method, although a little "complicated" but is our business assets, but the long-term results are very good, besides that also as a tool to increase the confidence of prospective consumers of the business that we run.

If you are lucky, with this media website you can attract potential customers from overseas, of course they usually order in large quantities and the price can also be better than the local market.

Making a website now is very easy and inexpensive, even if you use facilities from Google, such as blogspot and Google is my business, both are 100% free. Examples of free promotions at google blogspot

Promotion by Making an Online Store

There are so many services that offer to make online stores from the cheapest to the ones that are quite decent. You just choose according to your budget. The method is in google type "online shop making services"

Choose carefully, some of them are good, some must also be careful. Slow down and ask them a lot, ask for suggestions on what steps you should prepare. Do not choose services that they are not able to provide the best advice for the online store that they will work for us.

Other Promotion Places

You can use sites like OLX, Tokopedia, and others. Open training services for maggot cultivation business. In order for our maggot business to grow rapidly, our strategy must also be creative and unique, one of which is to open a maggot cultivation business training service, why is this strategy important ???

  1. To introduce to the general public that you are one of the maggot cultivation businesses. Through training this business will make your business quickly spread both in the city and from outside the city.
  2. Your business will be famous faster because it is helped by those who have been given business training. word of mouth business promotion is very effective compared to promotion through the media.
  3. Useful for others. Don't worry if those you have trained continue to want to run the Maggot cultivation business. Maybe even the trainees will become your partners someday. This business's potential is still very large given the ever increasing needs and limited supply.
  4. Business training was originally only for social purposes, but it could later become a support or a business training / motivator in the field of maggot cultivation.
  5. Opening the training for the Maggot cultivation business does not require additional costs, because in preparation you are ready and active as usual. You only explain the correct way and step, what should be done from beginning to end.


Sell ​​Maggot Seeds

How to Choose Superior & Healthy BSF Maggot Seeds. When you choose maggot seeds for breeding or cultivation, you should choose seeds that are superior and healthy.

This is because superior seeds will produce a lot of healthy BSF larvae / maggots. By definition, superior seeds are black soldier fly seeds that have superior properties, namely being able to show the original nature of the parent and have a high nutrient content so that they have high economic value, and are not sick.

This can be seen in asking the farmers how to care and what kind of food is given to the seeds during their care from childhood to become the seeds of BSF.

The BSF Maggot is like any other animal that must get adequate nutrition during the maintenance period. Add nutrigot at the beginning of media preparation that serves to stimulate BSF to mate and lay eggs.

Benefits of superior seeds

  • High production and not easily killed
  • Quickly hatch into adult BSF / BSF flies
  • Low mortality rates of larvae
  • The level of BSF egg quality is high between 500 to 900 maggot tail per one egg
  • Has a large and large size larva or maggot
  • Resistant to pests and diseases, especially during the infant phase of less than a week
  • The superior properties of BSF seeds as above can be maintained genetically if the BSF seeds are propagated.

With precision when buying BSF seeds that excel will produce larva / maggot stably throughout the year, the main thing is to harvest faster only 18 a day than in general 30 daily

Superior seeds are also resistant to extreme environmental conditions, especially especially when newly hatched up to the age of one week and above, easily propagated due to low seedling mortality rates, rapid growth and responsive to the culture of cultivation techniques.

If a minimum of 85% is fulfilled the superior nature of the list above, the black soldier fly seeds are classified as superior. If it does not meet the 85% requirements above, then the BSF seeds are classified as normal.



  • Giving structured feed
  • Superior seeds: large large uniforms 2cm
  • Thickness of meat: thick
  • Movement: active move
  • Seed color: black
  • Aroma: no smell
  • And others

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