Yurie BSF application

The Yurie BSF application is a program that is deliberately created, to help implement cultivation BSF fly from documents and video tutorials to production success practices Maggot cattle/ hoard odorless.

Yurie BSF in designing applications uses very sophisticated program language provisions. Namely LIVE Chat without having to leave or exit the application. So if there are questions you can immediately convey.

Besides being sophisticated, the file load is very small and light, which is 17 MB. So that it won't overload the user's cellphone.

Another thing is the Yurie BSF application is accompanied by a step-by-step SOP to make it easier for users to use every aspect of the lesson in the application.

And the most beneficial is because in this application has the ability to interact with one user with another user. So it is very beneficial for Yurie BSF application users. Download the Yurie BSF Application

What Category is the Yurie BSF Application?

There are many types of categories from the application contained in the playstore. Then the Yurie BSF application is included in which category?

Application Tools

Included in this category is to improve the performance and functionality of an Android smartphone. Examples: 360 Security, Clean Master, Google Translate, Greenify, Audio Recorder, etc.

Social Application

Application types of social applications make users connect with many other people. Example: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Application Communication

Providing facilities for users to interact via chat or voice. Example: BBM, WhatsApp Messenger, LINE, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, KakaoTalk, etc.

Photography Application

This category application is widely used for photography purposes. Examples: Camera360, PicsArt, B612, Magisto, MomentCam, and Adobe Photoshop, etc.

News and Magazine Application

Applications News and Magazines Application is a news application or magazine that can be read directly on HP Example: BaBe, Kurio, Detik, VivaNews, Kompas, etc.

Entertainment Application

Entertainment Application is more entertainment. Examples: music, games, TV, to streaming videos.

Application Education

The Yurie BSF application falls into this category, namely education application. In general the application of this category is aimed at helping in education. Examples: Children's Educational Games, Smart Kids, Smart Mathematics, Duolingo: Free Language Learning, etc.

Because Yurie BSF application is education by itself this application is ad-free so that users are more comfortable learning without being disturbed by advertisements.

Ads that are generally provided aim to get income paid by advertisers. This means that the ad-free Yurie BSF application does not get any revenue from the user.

This is pure Yurie BSF wanting to share 100%.

What features in the Yurie BSF Application?

There are so many features in this application, namely

  • About Us
  • Rp100.000.000 Business Aid Fund, -
  • Modern BSF Cultivation WITHOUT SMELL
  • FREE 100% package
  • Silver Package
  • Silver Plus Package
  • Gold package
  • Gold Plus Package
  • Platinum Package
  • Platinum Plus Package
  • Big Package
  • Yurie BSF Secret Group
  • BSF Activity
  • Catfish Cultivation
  • Cultivating Tilapia
  • Gurame Cultivation
  • Chicken Livestock
  • Herbal Livestock
  • Alternative Feed
  • Yurie BSF Dot Com
  • Chat Online

About Us Yurie BSF

Yurie BSF is the only company that pioneered cultivation maggot BSF modern odorless in the world.

The production of odorless maggot uses waste, garbage, livestock manure. Cultivating maggots odorless does not recognize fermentation, does not use drugs and does not need a machine.

So the maggot production is easy and cheap, around between Rp. XUMX-Rp. X NUMX per kg

Rp100.000.000 Business Aid Fund, -

This donation to friends is disbursed to Yurie BSF friends who diligently sell their maggot to Yurie BSF.

The purpose of this assistance is for Yurie BSF friends to further increase the production of their maggot and jul to Yurie

Modern BSF Cultivation WITHOUT SMELL

In this feature various video tutorials on the practice of maggot cultivation without odor have been provided. You just watch and practice it according to the guidelines in the video.

The tutorial videos in this feature are not distributed on social media and youtube. Because this video and document is provided specifically for Yurie's friends.

FREE 100% package

Learning to cultivate free 100% maggot, this package is specifically for those who cannot afford a paid package. Terms and conditions please contact Mbak Yurie on 0812-2105-2808.

Why is the Yurie BSF Application Important?

Because this application is a user tool in the practice of cultivating maggot without smell

  1. Before you practice, you can learn by watching the tutorial videos in the application. So when you go to the farm there is an initial description.
  2. After practice, there are often small things that we forget, or just want to convince ourselves when practicing at home, then you just have to reopen this video tutorial.
  3. The latest updates both in the form of videos and important documents are updated through this application, so wherever you are will get the latest notifications and updates about maggot cultivation without smell.

Both for beginners and seniors will definitely require maggot business development updates and the information is sent through this application.

How Does the Yurie BSF Application Relate to the Success of Maggot Animals?

In practice there is a need for direct and indirect guidance. And the stages in doing it.

The practice video in the application has been arranged in such a way as to be a step by step sequence and there is a SOP (standard operation procedure). So that there is a uniformity of work methods and of course the results are also expected to have uniformity (not lame)

Yurie's friends everywhere by following the guidelines in the application are expected to reach the harvest target of hundreds of kg of maggot in less than 1,5 months.

And how to achieve this is by following the existing video tutorial. So this application is very important and very much needed in order to achieve the production goals of maggot with abundant and odorless results.

Benefits and Uses of Yurie BSF Applications

  • Not stressed because the work steps are clear
  • Always updated
  • There are standardized ways to reduce errors and omissions.
  • Daily maggot production is more confident and independent
  • More organized in carrying out maggot production.
  • Created performance standards with concrete results
  • Have analysis tools to improve production
  • Have a guide to evaluate the work that has been done.
  • Creating a safe and comfortable race to quickly do maggot work.
  • More organized and efficient.
  • Is a guideline in carrying out daily maggot cultivation.
  • Avoid overlapping work.
  • If there are errors, it is easier to browse and analyze
  • The work process is more guaranteed and can run optimally in situations.

Summary of Yurie BSF Applications

The tutorial guide in the application is a tool and a successful vehicle cultivates maggot without smell.

This application is very influential on the success rate of harvesting hundreds of kg in less than 1,5 months.

Following the guidelines in the application ensures that you succeed in the production of abundant maggot, continuous production, without stress, safe, comfortable, and increase confidence can run maggot cultivation for the long term.

Download the Yurie BSF Application

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