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About Yurie BSF

About Us - About Yurie BSF is the only company that pioneered the world's odorless modern BSF maggot cultivation. 10 program excels Yurie BSF as a successful vehicle for modern BSF cultivation without smell. We develop the odorless maggot cultivation of black soldier fly insects.

In the process of cultivating maggot without using odors

  • Market trash, RT
  • Livestock manure and
  • Plant waste

Without fermentation, without drugs and without machines. With the media or substrate besides being easily available because many are available everywhere and tend to be ignored.

Even the three main media become problems in the environment being dirty, dirty and smelly. The breakthrough that we made with the three media with the aim of saving so that farmers can enjoy more benefits because the ingredients are almost free.


It is also a manifestation of Yurie BSF's concern for the problems of waste, waste and sewage in Indonesia. Our hope is that this odorless maggot cultivation method can be one solution for all of us to make a cleaner Indonesia.

Our vision and mission is clearly reflected in our slogan, Greetings and CLEAN MY INDONESIAN. Through odorless maggot cultivation, it is hoped that fish, poultry and reptile farmers will be self-sufficient in providing feed, feed that is rich in nutrients and high in protein and only costs around Rp2.500-Rp3.100 per kg animal feed.

With such low costs, it is expected that farmers can have more hope of developing and increasing their livestock. Because so far there have been many cases of farmers who went bankrupt because they were unable to finance their animal feed.

Mandiri Feed

Animal feed is a production cost which can reach 70%. This is still a count on paper. Those who just started this fee can increase up to 80%.

This is of course very risky because:

  • experience factor
  • livestock death
  • fluctuating selling prices and
  • other factors must also be taken into account.

Maggot cultivation is the heritage of the Indonesian people given to us. Just look since ancient times they have warned that for success livestock need natural food and additional forms of maggot.

This message is clearly written in each printed book on the feed management chapter that is sold in bookstores. Armed with the existing literature we developed from the method of magot cultivation into a modern, odorless BSF cultivation method.

Maggot Cultivation Method

Modern BSF cultivation methods without smell, besides the results are abundant and the magot-maggot produced is healthy because it is well maintained. And also ensure the safety of long-term business, namely without smell, abundant and sustainable results.

The smell caused in the maggot cultivation process is a serious threat in the continuation of the business of providing cheap feed. Cultivation of odorless maggot, besides making it uncomfortable for farmers, also invites pests such as rats, cockroaches, snakes and health for the farmers themselves.

Not to mention the odor pollution caused will get protests from the family, and of course the community will not stay silent if this odor pollution spreads everywhere. There are many examples of cases in some areas of the maggot business after the annual walk then in the community demonstration and must close.

This situation is very detrimental, in vain the hard work that has been fought for. Therefore, since the beginning, make sure you plan a business without smell. If not you are actually planning the bankruptcy of the business.

In an effort to achieve our dreams SAVE and CLEAN MY INDONESIAN. There is an 10 work program that has been standardized SOP (standard operation procedure) to facilitate the implementation of daily maggot work.

At present we have spread to more than 99 cities throughout Indonesia. You just choose the location closest to where you live.

About 10 Advantages of Yurie BSF

1. Many Maggot production without smell.

You will be guided from zero to successfully produce maggot without smell, starting from learning to practice directly in the nursery that you can choose in 99 city in Indonesia.

All day you will practice immediately accompanied by a private mentor (not a class system) and continue with practical guidance at home until you succeed. Then The advantages of Learning Private Odorless Maggot Cultivation are:

Focus on you

  • You will be given special attention by experienced mentors so that you can guarantee the focus of the mentor and you are fully on what you are aiming for and expecting.
  • This private method allows mentors to provide quick solutions rather than a rollout class system.
  • With a practice book guide provided and can be read through the Yurie BSF application in the playstore. Allows you to learn more relaxed and confident before practicing on a farm

Best Practice Mentor

  • You will practice being guided by the best mentors who have succeeded in the cultivation of modern BSF without smell. Who are enthusiastic about sharing experiences. This is very beneficial for you, because they can show how the practice of cultivating maggot without smell in step by step detail.
  • This method will significantly improve your problem solving skills in your daily practice at home after you finish the practice.

Perfect Learning Environment

  • You are and study in a complete environment where in the most densely populated locations.
  • This maggot cultivation can be carried out without the threat of demos from family and society because it is really designed without smell.
  • Even some of them carry out maggot cultivation inside the house by utilizing the child's bedroom.
  • Here you are really taught to be able to cultivate in various land concessions and densely populated environments without fear of demonstrations.

Increased Self Confidence

  • Based on experience, one of the factors of failure is the shame of asking and yet with this private system, things can be solved. Because Only you and the mentor are both so that you can increase your confidence in learning without being afraid or ashamed to ask

Right Private Mentor

  • You can choose the best mentor in 99 city, have the choice of 99 mentor that you want and best fits your needs.

Increased Success

  • A trained mentor can provide experience according to the challenges that exist in their respective cities. this is possible because you and the mentor are in a nearby location so the actual field problems are identified.

More flexible

  • You determine the day and date, so it will not interfere with work activities or others.

Freedom of discussion

  • You have the freedom to discuss because your mentor will better understand and provide the support needed

2. Formula Mixing Feed Save up to 83%

  • After you have the maggot, you will be bombed, can mix BSF maggot with a special formula and save up to 83%

3. BSG Maggot Marketing

  • You don't need to be confused about marketing maggot. SELL BSF TO YURIE !!! We accept selling maggot and buy your maggot Rp7.000 / kg

4. Business development

  • If you diligently sell maggot to Yurie BSF. Furthermore, we have prepared an aid program to develop the maggot business. Initial assistance of Rp100.000.000 is used to increase production output.
  • Friend's help is returned and PAID using MAGGOT. With the same value WITHOUT FLOWER - WITHOUT RIBA !!!

5. Ambassador Yurie BSF

  • In daily practice, sometimes it is inseparable from the problem to be solved. Together with the Yurie BSF ambassador, you are ready to be present at your farm to solve the problems faced.

6. Yurie BSF University

  • Advanced guidance in the framework of continuous quality control. For this reason this program is to ensure the quality of the maggot produced is of superior quality. By providing advanced training at the advanced level.

7. Indonesian Maggot Cooperative

  • In order to become part of the national market we are preparing Indonesian maggot cooperatives. That will be the place for the buying and selling community of maggot Yurie BSF friends.

8. Agro industry

  • The next step is to become part of the development of the agro-industry business as well as able to meet the demands of the domestic and international markets.


  • The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program specifically for those who really cannot afford to buy a modern BSF package without smell.

10. Praying and Trying

  • We must pray that every step we take is always protected by Allah SWT.


In different divisions Yurie BSF develops special feeds in the BSF magot development process. As a result This division focuses on the production of the best quality magot using organic waste raw materials in collaboration with the food industry and well-known companies in Indonesia and the world. Yurie BSF opens opportunities to collaborate with many parties to continue to develop the production and marketing of maggot.

If you are interested please contact us.

Thank you


Yurie BSF

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