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      How to BSF Maggot Cultivation

      How to Cultivate Maggot

      The right way to cultivate Magfot BSF to obtain a Maggot selling price is discussed thoroughly starting from the preparation of BSF cages, to harvesting automatic maggot.

      There are many ways to learn BSF magot cultivation, the most common are self-study or self-taught and other methods by taking cultivation training.

      There are also ways to learn Maggot BSF cultivation by joining groups or communities. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

      Just choose the one that best fits your "style". Some are easier to understand just by reading, some prefer learning by watching tutorial videos, and some prefer to practice directly on the farm.

      The method for cultivating BSF magots wherever you are doing is fine. As long as you are satisfied with the results. and of course the results here are able to meet animal feed needs.

      Maggot Business Category

      After you have the maggot, besides for your own animal feed needs, you are selling the maggot if your personal needs have been fulfilled. Besides the maggot bsf cultivation method, magot cultivation is also categorized based on the scale of the business.

      Home Scale Maggot Cultivation

      Magot business categories are divided into small scale (home), medium scale and industrial scale. Based on experience it is best to start on a small or home scale first, besides the capital is not heavy, the most important thing is that you first understand the ins and outs of BSF maggot cultivation.

      In the process after cultivation of magot through the third and fourth cycles and so on, then the cultivation of maggot becomes more pleasant and yields results.

      Be patient when in cycles one, two and three, where you are in the middle of learning, it is not recommended that you eat one ton a day if you don't get one kg a day.

      It's okay to aspire to be more realistic but adjusted to the abilities of self, material, resources and other supporters.

      If you are the type who likes to study on your own, please follow the complete guide from the beginning to marketing and selling the BSF maggot

      BSF Maggot Cultivation Guide

      1. Complete Guide to How to Cultivate Maggots
      2. How to process Maggot into animal feed
        (Pasta Maggot, Flour Maggot, Maggot Pellet)
      3. Questions and Answers about Cultivating Maggots
      4. BSF Magical Marketing
      5. Choose Direct Practice in Ranch
        There is an 99 More Location for Modern BSF Maggot without Smell

      But if you prefer learning in a more practical way and immediately there are results. You can learn by coming to practice directly at a farm in the city closest to you. You just select the nearest city to learn about the odorless modern BSG maggot cultivation practices.

      Cultivation of Medium and Large Scale Maggots

      To start a medium and large scale Maggot livestock business, of course you have to prepare everything more mature and planned.

      Because to start a medium-scale maggot livestock you can't do it as easily and experimentally. In addition to wasting time, energy and mind, of course other disadvantages are financially.

      Not to mention the mental burden due to failure will result in not being good for your future. What are the steps that need to be studied and become our concern when looking for a maggot business on a medium scale?

      The first thing you should do is go through a home-scale process first, then develop it for a home or large scale. So that the experience capital becomes our basic foundation in developing the next maggot cultivation business.

      Other technical things before starting a business that we have to take into account are:

      The existence of risk factors, meaning that there needs to be mental readiness and planning preparation that is truly mature so that the odorless maggot cultivation business can run smoothly.

      The things we must do before starting a business start from

      1. Convincing yourself that the maggot cultivation business is truly a solution in developing yourself and financially better in the future.
      2. Gathering the capital of the BSF maggot business
      3. Create a business plan.

      Here Are Other Important Things That Need To Be Prepared


      If we do a personal or individual business, there is no need to find a business partner. But if we want to build a company, then you have to form a success team.

      Start by looking for people who can be trusted, actively work and place the right people on the right place.

      Focus on Selecting the Type of Business Maggot

      Many choices in the maggot cultivation business, in the beginning of course you have to go through the process of building maggot production which produces abundant and abundant larvae continuously.

      For the long term, make sure you have built a modern BSF cultivation business without smell. One business factor is the security and comfort of running it for now for decades to come.

      If the production of your maggot is still smelly, fix it so that it does not bring problems to the public. Many maggot entrepreneurs who have not prioritized security are now closed because of community demonstrations.

      After being able to cultivate maggot without smell, the next step is to focus on specialized in the maggot business.

      Here are the Maggot Business Derivatives Products

      1. Organic Liquid Fertilizer
        - Class A Organic Liquid Fertilizer
        - Class B Organic Liquid Fertilizer
      2. Organic Solid Fertilizer
        Class A Organic solid fertilizer
        Class B organic solid fertilizer
      3. Fresh BSF Larvae
      4. Chrispy Maggot
      5. Culinary Maggot
      6. Maggot Animal Feed (Maggot Pasta, Maggot Flour. Maggot Pellet)
      7. Maggot supplier
      8. Agro Industry (Cosmetics, Processed Other Factories, Building a Feed Factory)
      9. Maggot collectors
      10. Maggot Cultivation Training
      11. Maggot Business Consultant

      See Around Us

      Every product and business potential has a very good opportunity, just look at how many national scale animal feed factories are around you.

      This shows how big the maggot-based animal feed business potential is.

      Choose and plan the type of business you want to go through, think carefully before deciding. Do not let us choose wrongly because we follow.

      Become a specialist

      What products or services do you want to offer? How is the distribution? How do you market it? Who are the people who will run it? What is the competitive selling price? How do you promote it?

      Also prepare how to make product packaging as attractive as possible in the eyes of consumers. Plan and prepare before starting the maggot business.

      Know the Maggot Market (SWOT)

      Make a survey and make a market analysis to find out who your market segment is, especially those who will be the target market for your maggot business.

      Get your market comments and opinions about the maggot business that you are about to start. And no less important are existing competitors to prepare strategies in winning the market.

      Choosing a Business Name

      Business names are very important in business activities. Choose a name that is easy to remember and represents the BSF maggot effort.

      Capital Resources Where is your business funding? Is it from personal capital or joint capital? If the funds you plan are not 100% of personal funds.

      Then you can contact agency services that provide financial support such as:

      • Borrow from the Bank
      • Looking for investors
      • Borrow from family
      • Borrow from a friend
      • Borrow from you
      • dll

      Making a Business Plan

      The business plan is the blue print of your business, planning, creating the company's vision and mission, making the target you want to achieve?

      Plan a promotion and marketing strategy for the right maggot products to be part of the animal feed market etc.

      Make a business plan carefully, carefully so as not to make it difficult when living it. So that your business is clear about its direction and purpose and its achievement period.

      Determining a Business Location

      Maggot business location is looking for a strategic place. Look for locations that are easy to access transportation,

      Close to the natural resources of media and maggot feed, have supporting resources that are complete and easy to get labor.

      Recruiting Employees

      Choose workers super carefully. One important factor in achieving success is getting workers who are not only able to work but can be trusted.

      Many companies go bankrupt because of the "person" in the company who undermines and carries a business that lives in its name.

      Managing Maggot Business Permits

      Business license is an aspect of legality in the eyes of the law and proof that you are a good citizen by paying business tax later.

      Technical Production of Maggot

      Learn and understand the maggot cultivation activities starting from preparing physical and theoretical as well as steps that will occur in the future when this cultivation runs.

      Make a Cage that is BSF-like

      The BSF cage as a fly flies when hatching and reproducing to produce large quantities of eggs.

      BSf breeding is an important component that is needed to support the smooth running of BSF cultivation activities.

      The right enclosure and preferred BSF will help produce BSF eggs and help facilitate daily maintenance of the BSF, including building environments that resemble the native habitat of fly black soldier fly or black soldier fly.

      The BSf enclosure must be able to create comfort for the BSF. Cage criteria favored by BSF:

      • BSF Enclosure Materials
      • Ideal size (length x width x height and height of BSF cage leg)

      For more details, see the tutorial video on how to make it cage that the black soldier fly likes.

      Cultivation Equipment and Equipment Preparation

      Important equipment and equipment also in order to support the smooth running of the cultivation process. Equipment and equipment such as:

      • Availability of egg places,
      • Feeding and drinking place for BSF flies,
      • Maggot enlargement place,
      • Egg and egg incubator
      • BioTong larvae enlargement site

      Feed and Maggot Cultivation Media

      One of the main objectives of maggot cultivation is to obtain cost savings for animal feed up to 82% of the total cost of feed during the production of fish and poultry businesses.

      Therefore use almost free food and maggot media such as household waste, kitchen waste, market waste in the form of vegetables and fruits.

      Other media can be in the form of cow dung, goats, rabbits, ducks, pig quail chickens and horse manure etc.

      Feed and Media

      Feed and media are very closely related to maximum growth and productivity of magot and cost efficiency.

      Feed plays a large role in the growth of larvae because adequate feeding helps the growth of larvae quickly and fatter.

      Cultivating modern BSF maggots without smell is not difficult, but still requires proper management. Especially if this cultivation is not just trial and error.

      Hatching Media

      BSF egg hatching media can be of any kind and is usually made of small boxes such as basins and trays or in the form of a square box.

      Here the BSF eggs are hatched into magot and then transferred to BioTong enlargement ...

      Prepare a hatch room and shelf to put the tray neatly and easier to monitor and maintain daily.


      The use of BioTong at the medium scale is certainly different from the home scale, but the principle remains the same where BioTong has the 2 type, BioTong without ramp as a medium for raising young maggots and BioTong with ramp as a tool for prepupa migration.

      BioTong's size is adjusted to the availability of land, arrange it neatly and prepare a plan to enlarge and add BioTong when the yields are increasing.

      Media Processing Management

      Managing the management of feed availability and maggot media needs to be well prepared, because the media is in the form of organic waste, livestock manure or factory waste that has a tendency to foul smell.

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